Circle Audio Series Casting Call

Hey y’all, it’s been a while, I’ve been working on a lot of things, lots of music, writing and editing for animated projects.

I run a studio that discusses the darker side of mental illness called The Darker Truth in Strange Fiction. Some of our stories will be based in true events, others will just be kind of strange, but talk about real mental illnesses/disorders. Our goal is to open up the conversation around mental health, to not just talk about getting better, but to look at why or how a person can get to the point that they can’t for whatever reason.

I’m excited to say that I have a new project in the works as well! It’s called ‘Circle’, I’ve attached a screenshot that tells a bit about it.

We just launched a casting call yesterday and it’s running for a very short amount of time, but we have 9 characters that need voices, and I’ve edited together a video that gives guidance on character voicing and accents for all except the two extras. There are two ways to submit auditions at the bottom of the video description under the audition lines:

More Writing Progress

Hey y’all, I’ve made a bit more progress, but only added about 1,000 words. We’re still really stuck on what we can possibly add to help people better understand our experience.

So, what we’ve added is Kathryn’s Intro written by Axel, and General Body Functions.

Please consider reading the sections that we have and asking any questions or guiding us in writing more or adding to what we already have.

We will be making our intros longer, but for now they are all around 1,000 words or shorter.

Anything is helpful. Thanks!

Writing Progress

Hey y’all, we have been cranking away at our new book, and have about 7 parts available with more to come on Thursday. We have three of our intros written up, one more to go, we’ve written about eye function, explaining DID, non-DSM general terms, how memory works, and a general list of questions that we’ve gotten with the start of our book.

We would love to get feedback on our writing, and how we can elaborate. Please be constructive as these are our personal stories and very real trauma to us. Thanks!

Current word count: 5,432

The Start of NaNoWriMo 2019

As most of y’all know we have started the process of writing a book based on our journey as a system with DID.

We have our first draft of the generic terms for systems up on our Ko-fi:

We are looking for support for our writing process in order to be able to get the book published, but also to be able to get access to mental health care, and leave a toxic environment by next fall.

Crowdfunding for My Animation Studio

Hey y’all, I really hate having to ask for help, but I currently work a more than full time job that maybe pays me once a month with a check that only covers about a quarter of the hours I work over a two week period.

I need some help raising money for the creation of projects within my animation studio. We are taking a deeper look at mental illness, and the slow breakdowns that can happen for people in certain settings.

As of now that only social media I have is Twitter, so I don’t have the ability to share this anywhere else, so I’m kind of reliant on other people to be able to share and spread the word.

We are in the process of getting our third trailer animated for our first short film Haunter of the Woods, we are also in the process of creation for three other projects, two are owned by me, the first is called Operation Carnage, all about the breakdown due to paranoia made worse by the feeding of misinformation that fits in with a person’s beliefs. This will be a series with (hopefully) multiple seasons. The second is called ‘Where the Tracks End’, which follows the story of two boys being stalked on their way to school for a few months, until it ends badly. This will be a limited series, and currently has an outline.

The third project is owned by Courtney, and it’s called Inner Woman, folllowing the journey of a trans woman trying to find a cure for her sick girlfriend. She must accept herself in order to be able to reach the cure.

We have a GoFundMe set up, and I know the goal looks daunting, but as of now I just need to pay for character art and the last trailer of Haunter of the Woods, all total being $300. Also, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel and helping to spread the word. Thanks!

NaNoWriMo Planning

Hey y’all, I know it seems kind of early to be planning for NaNo, but I have a pretty huge idea for it.

I’m planning to talk about my personal journey with mental illness, or at least one major one that affects me life significantly.

Book Title: One but Many

Synopsis: DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is a rare and commonly misunderstood phenomenon within the psyche. We would like to take you inside what it’s like to live in a system? Show you what our life is like, and how we work together to function day to day. We will also answer commonly asked questions and cover a few myths/misconceptions about the disorder as we understand it.

We will post a few progress chapters here throughout November, but for the most part will not be sharing as we do plan this for slightly more traditional publishing.

We have a space open for questions over in the NaNo forums, or you can just ask any questions in the comments.

If you’d like to be writing buddies you can add us as DeadGirlsTellNoTales on the NaNo site.


New Instrumental EP (Pre-save)

Hey everyone, I’ve been really busy these past few months between my mom opening a bakery and finishing my last semester of college, but I’ve finally gotten around to making an EP!

This is an instrumental EP, and that’s what most of my music for now will be until I’m in a safe place where I can record the music with lyrics that I want to.

Here is the link on Spotify where you can pre-save it, I hope it will be up within the next week:


The Lost Princess Series is a Web Series/Novel!!

Hey y’all, I just launched my web series/novel, over on Weebly!

It’s a series that you’ve seen me talking about turning into an animated series, and I still will, but I wanted to start publishing my work, and this particular series doesn’t exactly fit with what I write now, so I’m publishing the chapters as blog posts and setting up a whole site just for the series (it’s five books).

I am aiming for a little closer to traditional publishing with my psychological thriller novels, I submitted to Unbound, and I may go back to Inkshares if that doesn’t work out.

Please consider checking out chapter 1: Long Live the King

New Work Portfolio Website

Hey y’all, I’ve been doing commissions and freelance work for a while, and now I’m kind of in a crunch with a big college payment due by October 11th, I’ve opened emergency commissions, and I also have my PayPal or Patreon linked to the website as well.

I write music, create short stories and scripts, and edit videos and audio for animated projects, music videos, and lyric videos. I have samples of all of my work up there, check it out.