Self Made Man – Poetry Collection

Hey y’all, I’m starting to compile all of my poems for this first book and I hope to have it done by Christmas. I’d like to be able to really publish it by early next year, this is a list of some of the poems that will be in the collection, and I’ll share a few of the other poems as I write them and perfect them for the final collection.

Self Made Man is a compilation of all of the poems that I’ve written about starting my social transition, ending with the poem Self Made Man. I think that it’s important to share big journeys like this, and I think you all may like some of my writing style.

(Not in any certain order and certainly not all of them, but these are a few titles)


I’m Okay Now

Not Lonely, Just Alone

How Do I Tell You?

Self Made Man

Mirror Mirror


A Little PSA

Hey, so here’s a little PSA for people…

If you’ve never experienced gender dysphoria, or aren’t a licensed psychologist trained to help with treatment for it, please don’t try to give advice…

I know that self acceptance is important, but constantly hammering in the fact of someone’s biological sex is not helpful.

I know I’m a girl, I have a chest, my reproductive system is inside my body, and most days I don’t have a problem with that and I can still be confident in my male identity. But on the days that I struggle with it, the last thing I need to hear is someone else telling me that I’m a girl. I know!!!

So anyway, that’s just a little PSA from me. I’ll be sharing the list of poems from my first collection later today.

New Music

Hey y’all, I don’t know if I said this before, but I’m also a musician, I write music under the name ‘What Is Alive?’ I wanted to show you guys the new EP project that I’m working on. The first one is going to be called ‘Memories I Don’t Need’ and I just created a little cover art for it yesterday.

I do have a small piece of two of the songs from it, some demos that will be finalized by the end of the year. I plan to release the EP by late February or early March.

Here is the word art that I created for it.

Writing A New Book

So, it’s NaNoWriMo, and I got started extremely late, but I’m quickly catching up.

My book is based on inspiration from watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. I was really mad that I didn’t notice the witness marks until the end, but whatever, it was a really good series, if you’re into being totally creeped out, I definitely recommend it.

“Lauren, sweetheart, you do whatever you want to make yourself comfortable, but not even God can change the way you were born.”

He was the closest to his mom, to the point of adapting all of her sensitivities, and now Liam has purposely separated himself from his family. On one hand he’s unsure of how his family will feel about him living his truth, and on the other he doesn’t want to become a burden. He got himself through college and a master’s program, he owns a private SLP practice, and is happily married for three years. His siblings start closing in and his younger brother finally finds out the truth, Aiden spends the night and almost dies due to the spirits that followed Liam.

“Please, leave, and don’t tell anyone that you found me. It’s too dangerous for any of you to be around me.”

Suddenly one of their aunts drops dead, nothing to do with the house, but it brings all of them together in the same building. Liam is nervous about seeing his family, but he needs to see them again and know that they’re all okay.

“Not even God can change the way I was born. Mom said that if I wanted to be free, I have to do it myself. Time to go back to where it all began.”

Will Liam survive the call of the house, can the family be there to save him in time?

Thinking About Publishing Poetry

So, I’ve been collecting a lot of angsty poetry about being transgender over the past year, and I’ve been thinking of grouping my poems into small books and self publishing them.

Some of them are angry, some are sad, some are just kind of introspective, and I think all put together that they could be an interesting look into the life and feelings of a transgender person. Obviously everyone has their own experiences and levels of acceptance from the people around them, but I want to start sharing mine as well.

The first collection will be one that I’m calling ‘Self Made Man’, and it will have at least 20 poems in it. It will have poems ranging from when I first knew that I was transgender through all of the trials, and finally just becoming confident in my own identity and not really worrying about other people.

I also have one more in the works right now the only name I can think for it as of now is ‘Biology and Anatomy’ but I also just got a great idea for calling it ‘You Think You Have To Tell Me?’, since it will be a sarcastic little book of poetry.

Why Am I Pushing My Studio On This Blog?

Well, it seems to be off topic, and while the studio itself is a bit off topic, the project that I’m tackling for it is not. About 10 years ago I wrote a series of books (not published), and it was a time when I was struggling with my identity, mental health, and my faith. It was like a deadly trifecta, but somehow I got through it, and the gory details are written in the pages of five dystopian fantasy novels that have been collecting dust up until now.

Now, because I struggle with mental health, and because I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I am not scared to be brutally honest about it. Every character in these books represents me, and any friends or people that I’ve had over the years that either helped or hurt me.

The story itself follows an angel as he struggles to navigate a new mission that God has given him. He is assigned to The Pit to save humans, but doesn’t that make him fallen? His world is turned upside down when the angels really fall, and he loses everything. Now he has to rebuild and find a way to become like the monsters that he lives among, without losing the most important part of himself. He’s also got a huge secret, that has caused his brothers (other angels) to hate him.

This is the part of the story that will stretch over the first three seasons of The Lost Princess Series. This first arc is called ‘Demon Revolution’.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you’re interested in following us and keeping up, or even supporting our efforts we have a Patreon, Twitter, and Instagram where you can follow and keep up with our progress.